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"the king of antioxidants" by Mt Sinai school of medicine

Lycopene is the number one antioxidant because of its ability to protect your skin from UV radiation. This alone makes it the best ingredient for use in your skincare.

Though lycopene's sun protection is only equivalent to approximately SPF-3 and is not adequate sun protection by itself, it is still a valuable added benefit for your skin.

Creams to address specific needs

Lycopene Skin Care has a unparalleled program for new product development. Other manufacturers want to identify the potential market size as primary determination, we want to formulate specific products to address definite issues our customers articulate to us. Many of our ingredients are exclusive to our products and are sourced throughout the world. Each product is extensively tested to assure it offers all the benefits we have designed it to deliver.

The Products

lycopene skin care products